Hutt Mover Moving Tips

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hutt mover moving tips

Be Happy!

First and most important tip: Keep a positive spirit! We’ve been moving in the rain, up, down and over hundreds of steps and narrow drive ways…we will make it right for you!


Book your move as early as possible to ensure you get the moving date and time you want.


Provide us information so the right size truck will be used for the amount of items to be moved. Also taking into consideration the access conditions where the bigger truck may not able to park or drive in.


Let us know if there are special items, extra large or heavy items like a piano, so we will be prepared with the necessary equipment.


A good plan starts with clear communication.


Packing normally takes the most time when moving. Smaller items take longer to move compared with larger items, especially if they not well packed.


Access conditions are another key factor affecting the speed of a move. We love Wellington, but it is one of the worst places for moving!

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This will be a very good opportunity for new home buyers or anyone needing new furniture, a new bed, new mattress, etc. Localshops provide the best prices possible, plus you will be saving money with free delivery by us! See the Localshops website for details.