Terms and Conditions

It is our goal to provide the most professional, efficient, careful and reliable removal services.

Please understand that although we have very small accident rate, but even with most care accident may still occur during the transit/move, so a transit insurance is one of the most important factors that the customers need to take consideration before the move.

During the move, unless there are intentionally damage or loss of items, otherwise all goods and items are carried/transported are at owner’s risk, which means for the carriers of Huttmover will pay no compensation if the items/goods are damaged or lost.

If customers do not have insurance cover, that means if there are any damages or loss to the items/goods during the move/transit, it will be at your cost to repair or replace the items. This is also apply for any damages may occur to both external and internal fittings, floor, window, door, fence, wall at both pick up and drop off locations.

We recommend the customer to apply for transit insurance before the move. You can either contact your own insurance company or we can apply on your behalf by filling up the form, please contact us for details.